Tuesday, March 29, 2011

O-O-Oreos....and Chocolate Chips

What could be better than and Oreo cookie or a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? You guessed it.....a chocolate chip cookie that's got an Oreo cookie baked inside of it!! Brilliant right? Or totally crazy, depending on how your diet is going....

Well, I saw the recipe on Picky Palate and knew that it would make it into my recipe rotation at some point in the near future. Tomorrow night my dear friend Kelly is hosting a knitting circle at her house, and imagine my surprise when I saw that she had posted a link to the recipe on her Facebook page. Well, of course that sealed the deal....I knew what I was going to bring to the knitting circle, in exchange for her knitting expertise (of which I have zero!).

And how are these delicious "little" cookies? They are completely over-the-top and amazing! The hubby has already devoured two of these babies, and I'm pretty sure if the rest were not spoken for, there would be no survivors by the morning.

For the recipe, head over to Picky Palate!

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  1. I am really wanting you to make these again since I didn't get to try these! They look sooo good!