Sunday, July 1, 2012

Club: Baked - Malted Waffles

So I'm slowly getting the hang of my new kitchen.  I was so used to my old kitchen.....I knew where everything was and totally had my routine down.  Now my kitchen layout is completely different, so I constantly have to stop and think about where things are.  I'll get there.....just have to keep baking!!

For this round of Club: Baked we're talking breakfast.  And one of my favorite kinds of breakfast.......waffles!  These are Malted Waffles, and their secret ingredient is malt powder.  They definitely give them a bit more flavor than your ordinary waffles....and the crunchy parts seemed a bit crunchier to me.  I let my second batch cook even longer, and I think they were even better......lots of crunch on the outside and tender on the inside.  They were a hit!  Even our 3 year old ate two of them!

For the recipe, check out Teri at The Freshman Cook, and to see the other baker's results check out Club: Baked.......Enjoy!!


  1. Love these, I totally am in love with malt flavor!

  2. I thought they were delicious too, and really quick to make!
    Yours look great!

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