Sunday, September 16, 2012

Momofuku Apple Pie Cake

Yep.....I'm still being a flaky blogger.  I swear I'm going to try to be better!  In all honestly I have barely turned on the oven at our place lately.......we are still baking in 90 to 100+ degree weather here, and the idea of turning on a hot oven is just completely unappealing.  I'm dreaming of cooler fall weather (this happens to me every year at this time).  So instead, I discovered an amazing cake I actually made last year and never wrote did I forget this one!!

May I introduce you to the Momofuku Milk Bar Apple Pie Cake?!?  This giant bad boy has a bunch of components that all together make a delicious dessert!  Give yourself plenty of time to put together each of these components together......and remember......none of them are very difficult (it's only intimidating when you look at the long list of recipes).  For this cake you're going to need to make:

1 recipe Barely Brown Butter Cake
1 recipe Apple Cider Soak
1 recipe Liquid Cheesecake
1 recipe Pie Crumb
1 recipe Apple Pie Filling
1 recipe Pie Crumb Frosting

The final cake has all of these wonderful layers that you'll leave visible (you worked hard on this, you want people to see them) by using strips of acetate to wrap around the cake (I found some at my local bakery supply shop).  I would suggest making this cake over the course of several days.  Once the cake is assembled, you'll need to place it in the freezer for at least 12 hours so that it can set up.  Then you'll just wait for the ooohs and aaaahs when you plate this bad boy!

For the recipe, check out Sweet Peony or the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook......and Enjoy!!


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  2. Wow! Your cake is beautiful! Pinning in hopes I will make it someday for a special occasion.