Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cherry-Bourbon Pie

I realize that it's not really cherry season right now (bring on the pumpkin desserts, right?).....but sometimes, when you're making someone's favorite dessert, you just have to break the rules!

In this case, it's my Dad's favorite dessert.  Cherry Pie.  Ever since I was a kid, I remember him asking my Mom every day if there was any cherry pie for dessert after dinner.  Well, my Mom wasn't the kind to bake a cherry pie, so the answer was usually "No", unless there was a store bought pie, or worse, those Hostess fruit pies (is there anything worse than that syrup goop they pass of a "fruit"??).

My parents were just out here visiting us, and since my Dad's birthday is coming up, I figured I should try making him a cherry pie.  I decided to go with a recipe I saw on Bon Appetit for Cherry-Bourbon Pie.....booze makes everything better, right?

The recipe doesn't call for fresh cherries (which is perfect since it's not cherry season), but instead calls for jarred cherries, and recommends Trader Joe's Dark Morello cherries.  With the addition of bourbon, the crumb topping, and a bit of both orange zest and juice in the pie, this was a huge hit!  Both the birthday boy and the hubby loved this.  Guess I'll be making it again!

For the recipe, go to Bon Appetit......and Enjoy!!

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