Monday, January 16, 2012


Aloha everyone!  I know I've been quiet this whole week, but I had a good excuse....we went on vacation!!  This was our first actual vacation as a family with the two boys.....our other vacations were apparently "trips" and not "vacations" (according to the hubby)....they generally involved a lot of running around and other family with us.  This vacation was all about us hanging out at the beach and/or pool with the boys and having fun as a family.  And it started out so wonderfully........

There's just no beating Hawaiian sunsets!
The boys were fantastic on the flight over......I think we may have some travelers on our hands!  Got to Maui just after noon, grabbed our car, got some supplies, and headed on over to Wailea.  We got to stay at the Grand Wailea (my first time there), and let me tell you.....this place is a-ma-zing!!  The boys never wanted to leave.  Between the pools (and the awesome waterslides) and the gorgeous beach.....the boys were in hog heaven!

Even our little guy enjoyed the slides!

Our third day there started off as a great day exploring nearby beaches.....and even included a lovely massage for me at the spa (yeah!!)......but as soon as I got back to our room I started feeling yucky.  I remembered the lovely lady that had been hacking away on the plane across the aisle from me, and I got that sinking feeling.  Yep....hello flu!!  And not the 24-hour, knock you on your butt, but you're better fast, kind of flu.....oh no.  

Black Sand Beach

Keawala'i Chuch - established 1832

Today is 6 days later, and this is the first day that I haven't had a fever. Yeah, the rest of the vacation is kind of a blur for me.  Luckily the kids and the hubby were ok for the most part.....the hubby started getting it as we were heading home...and both boys got fevers once we got home.  So.....great start to a vacation, kind of a lousy ending.  There was a lot we were planning on doing that we couldn't get to.....but what are you gonna do?  Things happen.  We had some great family time, and the boys were really bummed that we were leaving Maui.  We'll be back Maui!!  We've got unfinished business!!

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  1. I love the Grand Wailea Hotel! The swimming pool is AMAZING!!!