Monday, November 19, 2012

Game Time!

We are a UCLA family!  The hubby and I met when we were both at UCLA....and my brother-in-law played football there.  So obviously we have a pretty strong opinion when the UCLA-USC game rolls around every year.  Unfortunately we've played second fiddle to USC for most of the last decade (actually we've only won once in the last 14 years)....but this year was going to be different.

The hubby and I decided to actually head to the game this year with a bunch of UCLA and USC people.  I decided my contribution to the tailgating party had to be some sugar cookies decorated using my edible printer.  Yay!  These are so much fun!

And the best part?  We won!  The worst part?  The pouring rain that we had to walk through when we left the stadium to get to our car.  Soaking wet!!  But it was totally worth it.  A great day with my sweetie :)

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