Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Chick-a-dees

I had been waiting for Easter to try out the cute little Easter chicks from Bakerella. If you haven't check out her blog yet, you have to get over there and immediately get insanely jealous at the things she can make!! You can also find her book, Cake Pops, just about everywhere these days!!

I was initially going to make these little guys in yellow....but for some reason I had a major gloppy disaster on my hands once I started trying to melt my yellow candy melts. I think that maybe the temperature got a little too high for them (I was melting in the microwave), and instead of becoming beautifully glossy and melty, instead they turned into bumpy, yucky looking mess. And these were Merckens candy melts, not Wiltons, and I have never had any trouble with them before. I suppose I should have documented the mess....but being new to this blog thing, it didn't really occur to me until after I had cleaned it up!

Since that was my last bag of yellow, I decided to try some neon pink birds......a shade that you always see in nature, right?? I also tried to do some orange chicks, but once I melted the chocolate, realized they were more peachy or flesh-toned. So, they were my naked birdies.....kind of weird, but cute enough to display.

One last thing.....I decided to use white cake with vanilla frosting inside these. I normally use red velvet and cream cheese frosting when I make cake balls or cake pops, but I thought it might be a little creepy biting into a bird and having it be red. Thinking too much? You decide....

For a tutorial on these cute little guys, as well as a ton of other ideas, check out Bakerella's blog!

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