Saturday, April 30, 2011

Treats for Mommies

Usually when I'm making something sweet, I'm thinking of making both kids and their parents happy.....but there are times when I only have to worry about adults.......and those times tend to end up in a dessert with booze in it (there's nothing wrong with that right?). But in this case I needed to make something for breakfast/snack for my fellow Mommies at my oldest son's preschool......hmmm.....maybe too early for booze??

So in comes this recipe from my secret boyfriends (expect to see lots of their recipes).....Nutella Scones. I assume at this point everyone and their uncle knows what Nutella is......but just in's a chocolate/hazelnut spread, and according to their advertising is part of a healthy breakfast. I don't know about that part, but I do know it's delicious!! I remember having it for the first time when I was an exchange student in Germany in high school (I simply can't say the year because it was just too darn long ago!). My host family had a jar of Nutella on the breakfast table, and trying that for the first time on some amazing fresh baked bread......ahhhh...angels started singing :) Recently, I had been talking to some people about Nutella, and to my surprise, they hated it! Not just disliked it....but truly hated it! So, I guess Nutella is a love it or leave type ingredient.......that's why I also decided to make my favorite banana bread....for the Nutella haters.....or those who think chocolate at breakfast is a bad thing.

This was actually my first time making scones, and I found it to be a pretty easy recipe. I had to get used to the's a little different than doughs that I'm used to.....and I know that you do not want to knead the dough more than necessary so that the scones will come out tender. There is Nutella mixed into the dough as well as drizzled on top of the finished as long as you are a fan of Nutella, this is a recipe to try!

The recipe for these scones can be found in my secret boyfriends' latest cookbook, Baked Explorations. I also was able to find the recipe posted on the Baked Sundays blog (they do a recipe from the Baked Explorations cookbook every couple of weeks).

So to please the Nutella haters, I also decided to bust out my favorite banana bread recipe. It's a lowfat banana bread recipe that uses Greek yogurt. I've made this thing so many times that I've actually got the entire recipe memorized.....I don't think I can say that about any other baking recipe! I made it without walnuts this time (simply because I had run out).......I think I prefer it with walnuts, but it is still great without them. For the recipe, please check out the blog, Ingredients, Inc.


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