Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Peep at the Peeps

I had been planning on making some more cake pops for Lukas' class for Easter.....but then I found this cookie cutter that is in the shape of bunny peeps.....and I had to make them!! I had some beautiful sanding sugars from Williams-Sonoma......their colors are so much more vibrant than ones I've found other places....I am especially in love with the pink! And no, I didn't make the googly eyes. I have a ton of them that I bought online......I put them on everything......googly eyes make everything cuter!

I found the cookie cutter at Copper Gifts.....check them out for beautiful handmade copper cookies cutters. The sugar cookie recipe that I always use is from Cookie Craft......there are also tons of great decorating ideas in there.

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