Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ginger Soy BBQ Chicken

Have I mentioned that I'm the one in charge of grilling at our house?  The hubby's Dad is phenomenal at grilling.....and all of my brother-in-laws are......but apparently that talent was not one that was passed down to the hubby (he could probably learn, but he doesn't seem too eager to) I have taken over grilling duties.  

I got this recipe from a friend of mine who has tried, and loved, a lot of the recipes of at Week of Menus.  Garlic, ginger, soy, many yummy flavors.  Just start marinating the night before.....and then when you're ready for dinner just throw it on the grill and in no time you've got some tasty chicken that even kids will love.  Since this recipe makes a lot of marinade I froze a lot of the chicken after it had marinated, so that when I want to use it I can just defrost and we're good to go!  

Check out Week of Menus for the recipe....and Enjoy!!

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  1. I also LOVE to bake! Found you on the Something Swanky blog hop. I'm your newest follower :) Hope you'll follow back at

    Paige :)

  2. Your ginger soy chicken sounds good. Following you back too :)
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  3. I just notice where you are from. I use to live near there when I went to Cal Poly Pomona.

  4. Yum! We love Asian infused food, and I love any chance to make my husband grill!

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