Monday, May 2, 2011

Cookies......with a side of ham

This past weekend was a crazy weekend for us......we had our little one's 2nd birthday, as well as our nephew's first communion and our sister-in-law's store's grand opening. Needless to say, I actually didn't have time to be baking up a storm......and to the shock of many, I actually ordered Henry's birthday cakes from the grocery store! He was as happy as could be getting a Thomas cake (although the dang blue frosting dyed EVERYTHING name it!

But I couldn't let the weekend go by without making anything, so I decided to whip up some of the Crispy Chewy Oatmeal Toffee Chip Cookies from the blog, Week of Menus. These cookies have a little of everything in them....chocolate chips, toffee bits, oatmeal, and rice I said....everything!

Unfortunately for my diet I ended up eating several of these puppies before packing them up......then I managed to eat several more at my sister-in-law's for our birthday party/first communion celebration. Sigh......I try to be good.....I really do. Most of the time I bake, it's when I can take it to someone else's house so it's not sitting in front of me, tempting me. But I have a serious weekness for cookies.....homemade, yummy, glad I don't have any more of these in my house right now or I'd be running to the kitchen to grab one right now!

So you're probably wondering about the side of ham? Well, it's not actually ham........just a bunch of hams!! When we get together with my husband's family (which is pretty often, but not as often as my kids would like).....there are 9 grandkids running around having a blast. That's right....9! They have an absolute blast playing's such a wonderful thing to see. And now that our little 2 year old is trying to play with some of his older cousins, it's wonderful seeing the way they shower him with attention....he just eats it up! But with 9 kids, you can imagine how difficult it can be to get a picture of them all together. Usually there are one or two kids missing from the picture.....and after one or two takes that are smiles, it usually ends up looking something like this picture. These kids are just a bunch of goofballs....I love them!!

This weekend we've got Mother's Day (my Mommy is coming to town...yeah!!) and my niece's first communion on the same day (which means that all the kiddos are together again!). Oh and I can't forget our oldest one's first T-ball game! Gonna be another busy week for us! In the meantime, check out Week of Menus for the cookie recipe.....enjoy!!

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  1. Those cookies were soo good! I was looking for the ones you left and couldn't find them. Turns out Dennis can not resist them either!