Friday, May 20, 2011

Congo Bars

After slaving over a batch of Star Wars cookies for the last few days (post is still coming), I needed to make something that was simple and satisfying.  Enter the Congo Bars, or Blondies, or another version of the Brookie......whatever you want to call these, they fit the bill for what I needed and couldn't be simpler to whip up!

There are a million recipes out there for things like this, but I had one bookmarked a while back from Bakerella (who I'm sure everyone has checked out by now!)....and thanks to my friend Lisa's boards on Pinterest (she had pinned a picture of them), I decided these absolutely had to be made today!

These are another of those recipes that you want to make sure that you don't want them to keep their brownie-like texture (which I guess means they should be called Blondies).  I used some Guittard milk chocolate chips in these......that's why the pieces of chocolate look so big.....their chips are huge!

Do yourself a favor and make a batch of these today! Check out Bakerella for the recipe......Enjoy!!

P.S. - A word of caution if you've never checked out Bakerella (aka the Queen of Cakepops) will get sucked into her world of yummy treats and find tons of things that you will have to make yourself!  Then you will find yourself browsing the plethora (yes, I said plethora) of photos of adorable cakepops, and wonder why yours don't ever come out as cute as hers do (or at least I do).  Consider yourself warned!!

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