Monday, May 23, 2011

More Birthday Stuff

Yesterday was our 5 year old's birthday party (I still can't believe he's 5!!), but today was his actual today he had his big special day at preschool.  He got to bring a special board that will hang in class all a birthday crown and a special badge......gets to be the line leader all week.....and we brought in cookies and treats for the kids!  What a day!
Our oldest son's favorite cookie is an Oreo.  Well.....I wasn't going to be bringing in a plate of Oreos to after some questioning......he and I agreed on a sugar cookie with sprinkles as long as they were L's!

I used the Cookie Craft recipe again.....not very exciting am I??  After chilling the dough, and then cutting out the L's....I covered them in his favorite sprinkles.  He loved them!  They were exactly what he wanted....and that makes Mommy happy!!
I also wanted to bring in something that the kiddos in his class could take I decided to make the Ice Cream Cone Rice Krispy Treats that I made a couple of months back.  I filled them cones with Hershey's kisses and covered the rice krispy treat in white melting chocolate with sprinkles.  These were great to take to class because they were easy to individually bag for the kids to take home, and they seemed to stand up well to the abuse of getting home in one piece.

So glad our little guy had a great birthday.....but phew!!  I'm so glad it's done!!

Check out Confessions of a Cookbook Queen for the recipe.......and Enjoy!!

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