Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope that you are all able to spend time with the ones that you love today.  We'll be spending part of our day at our Kindergartener's Love program that his school is putting on with all of the Kindergarten classes.  I've been spying on some of the rehearsals, and I can't wait for the hubby to see it!  Our little guy sure loves being up their.....singing with the biggest smile!  Aside from that we don't have too much planned.....just spending the day together and having fun!

For our little guys class I decided to come up with another Oreo to hand out for Valentine's Day.  Since I couldn't come up with a way to do anything heart shaped, I settled on ladybugs.  I know they're not necessarily Valentine's Day-y, but they're red and they're cute.....enough for me!

I first got the idea for the ladybugs when I saw them posted on the Pop.o.licious Facebook page about a month ago.  The picture they posted was from Party Pinching, and although I didn't stick with what they did, they definitely got me going on the ladybug kick.

To make these cuties you'll need:
Oreos (regular or double stuff.....your call)
red candy melts
black candy melts
candy eyes
black edible marker (or purple, brown, or blue)

I decided to make these without the lollipop stick.....I thought they would be cute just on their own.  Up to you which way you want to do it.

First you'll want to dip your Oreos completely into the melted black candy melts.  I use a fork to pick up the Oreo and shake off the excess candy melt coating.  Slide the Oreo off of the fork onto a sheet of wax paper.  Add the candy eyes to one side of the Oreo before the black coating has started to harden.

Once the black coating has hardened, it's time to melt the red candy melts.  Hold the Oreo where the candy eyes are and dip the side of the Oreo at an angle one way, and then the other.  Shake of the excess a bit, and then plance back on the wax paper.

After the red coating has hardened, it's time to break out your black edible marker, or in the case of me, my purple and blue.  My black marker had decided it no longer wanted to deposit ink on anything but my fingers......oh well!  You really can't tell that the purple or blue are even purple or any dark color will work.  You're just gonna make some dots.....however many you want.  Let that ink dry, and you're done!!  Bag those little cuties up and tie with some twine.

I need to remember to take step-by-step pictures one of these days.....I just have a tendency to be so focused on what I'm doing that I completely forget about that until I'm all done.  Sorry about that......

So there ya have it.....what my little guy is taking to his class for Valentine's Day.  Hope you have a lovely day......and Enjoy!!

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  1. I love these! They are so cute, and so perfect! Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Those are the cutest, little cookies!! Great job!!

  3. These are absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. What a super cute idea! My cousin has her daughter's room decorated in lady bugs and will probably throw a ladybug party at some point. These would be super cute for that!

  5. I love it! I just became one of your followers.

  6. Kristen, these are just adorable little Ladybugs! What a fun little treat. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great week end.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  7. I have pinned thses and I'm defionately going to try them!

  8. These are simply precious :) Lovely!

  9. so darn sweet - gets me excited for spring! I appreicate you linking up at Tea Party Tuesday, hope to see you back this week for a fun giveaway! Take Care.

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