Friday, June 24, 2011

I'll be Your Huckleberry!

I am in love!!!  My little sister is visiting us in CA this week, and she went down to Santa Monica with me today.  We decided to pick up some lunch at Huckleberry.....and man am I glad we did!!  When we walked in we were greeted by this amazing selection of bakery goods.....seriously I wanted to take home one of each thing there (and we did take a bunch home)!  I had remembered hearing somewhere that they had great fried chicken there, so we decided to order the fried chicken special and a mixed green salad.

The fried chicken plate was perfect!!  From the amazingly tender fried chicken with a crispy (possibly panko) seasoned crust, to the super tender biscuit, and the sweet corn and perfectly dressed salad.......delicious!  We had also ordered the green salad, which we didn't necessarily need, but we felt like we needed to cancel out the fried chicken ;)

This was our take-home loot!!  We tried the oatmeal raisin cookie, the pumpkin tea cake, the blueberry ciabatta, the bacon-maple biscuit, the plain croissant, and their donut holes.  Oh gosh.......the hubby was so happy to see this, since he missed out on the lunch!  The donut holes were tender.  The hubby loved the bacon-maple biscuit, but he does love all things bacon (and who could blame him?).  I think my favorite was the pumpkin tea bread.....super moist, tender, and nicely spiced.

Such a great meal, and snacks for the rest of the glad we tried Huckleberry!! 

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