Saturday, June 25, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Today was our last day of T-ball for the season........can't say that I was too sad to see it end since during our game on Wednesday afternoon it was about 100 degrees out (unfortunately I'm not kidding).  But I will miss how gosh darn cute the kiddos are in their uniforms, and how cute the hubby was as coach!

As a little thank you to everyone I made these baseball cookies to hand out to the kiddos along with their team photographs and trophies.  I used a scalloped edge circle since I realized I didn't have any plain large circles....oops!

I was going to try to pipe everyone's names on their cookies, but you know what?  I stink at piping letters!!  I envy those people that can do it.....I know I just need to practice, but I just get frustrated.  So, plain baseballs it is!

Packed up in their little bags with a ribbon, I thought there were an cute little addition to our end of season party.  It was a great season......our T-ball kiddos were even hitting pitches from the coaches today!!  So great to see the smiling faces when they rounded the bases :)  Thanks for a great season!!

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  1. So cute! Any chance of being on our team next year?! B will be signing up for fall ball! : )