Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chocolate Caramel Bars

This is one of those desserts that I was sure was going to be great, but for one reason or another, kind of missed the mark.  I mean chocolate, caramel, and a cookie crust.....sounds great, right?

My main problem with these was really my fault.  I had tried putting these together while my boys were busy playing.  Trying to keep an eye on them and an eye on the temperature of my caramel caused me to overcook the caramel by a couple of degrees.  Rather than ending up with a yummy, chewy caramel layer....I had some spots that were rather crunchy and biting into it kind of caused the whole bar to start falling apart.

The hubby was not a huge fan of the chocolate layer (although I loved it)......he thought it was a bit too chocolate-y (which is what a non-chocolate lover would say!!).

Although I screwed these up, I would definitely try them again......Kierste from Brown Paper Packages raved about I think I just missed the mark.

Check out Brown Paper Packages for the recipe.....and Enjoy!!

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